roger BNFT

Well after almost 3 weeks , we finally completed the model and setup for BNFT ( Benefit / BeNFT ). First of all our artist and coder decided to make some card games with some features.

a. Gathering Professions for profit
a.1 Farmer is a gathering profession focused on farming the token.
Players can farm the token in Mini Game, but the tier of the farmer will differ from map to map. To access each map they need BNFT token to access it.

a.2 Ore Miner is a gathering profession focused on gathering ore ( item ).
Different levels of the Ore Miner gathering profession can be unlocked using Mini Game on special map. ( This will be launched after farm Mini game tested )

b. Token Trading
Currently we prepare to do private sale for our token. Since this token will be used for the NFT game later which is still in the making. The token which we distributed during sale will be used as currency in the game and most of all will use it to connect to each farming maps.

( Map cannot be accessed if wallet doesn’t contain BNFT Token )

Once people start the activity at {the} game ( farming and mining ), they can sell their token which they {got} from game into BNB using Pancakeswap.

BakeryNFT / BNFT is the maker / designer / artist for NFT mania. We will create some fundraising to make our artists baking the goods and the best NFT for our community.

We bake NFT daily